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This year we celebrate 46 years from our first creation.

As one of the oldest families in the Jewelry business and pioneers in our field, we promised ourselves to never stop evolving. We strongly believe that great success comes with great responsibility and in order to serve our belief we push ourselves to grow.

So we proudly present to you our new identity…

As from 2019, we are AZÂLIA Jewels.
The First Steps.

Takis Jewelry was established in 1973. The two owners Konstantinos Kritselis & Lucas Delis take the business from their fathers leading jewelers of the time setting up a company to manufacture and sell primarily in retail.

Their desire to create unique high quality jewelry combined with their love for Hellenic civilization and ancient pieces of jewelry led them to create reproductions of ancient Greek jewelry. In this way, a few years later consolidated in the jewelry business and their pieces worn by people around the world.

According to their experience but also the idea that it’s time to make more wearable and enjoyable jewelry different from those they made so far, Konstantinos and Lucas started to create new pieces according with the fashion trend to serve the need of their customers but always crafted by the traditional techniques. Today, 40 years later their jewelry are real works of art, crafted by the leading goldsmiths of the era. Since 1973 Takis Jewelry has been located in one of the most central and historic parts of Athens at Plaka on 87 Pandrosou Street in one of the most popular tourist streets in the world, just under the Acropolis which remains until today.

The Next Generation.

In 2009 and after he finished his studies in marketing Panos Kritselis son of Konstantinos start his journey in the field of jewelry joined his father’s business.

From the beginning the strong willed Panos shows his talent and at 2010 he decided to study jewelry design in Florence. This is how his love for artistry and creation was born.

His passion and vision follow the path of his family tradition and Panos Kritselis becomes a jeweler specialized in design.

The excellent quality and vast variety of his designs as well as proper company management, soon brought results, as at the same time the renovation of the selling environment became a necessity in order to provide better customer service.

Thus, Takis Jewelry with Panos Kritselis it continues its successful course focusing on the trends and needs of the time while always being persistent on high quality and with the fullest respect for anyone who decides to make a “Takis” creation part of their life.

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Panos K. Kritselis

“Jewellery is treasured, passed down through generations, given to friends. Bought and sold, lost and found, forgotten and rediscovered, re-set and redesigned – a continually evolving narrative.”